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MRSW Food Services was established to provide quality food products, from top qualified food manufactures, at competitive pricing to ensure that our clients can provide their customers the best food available and to grow market share and profits.

The goal of the company is to be the premier vendor to our clients in the K-12 and higher education markets. Our efforts are to help ensure that the quality food products we provide are tasty as well as beneficial to the student. MRSW Food Services is here to provide a winning formula for our clients and their consumers.


Mr. Melvin White, Founder and CEO.

Mr. White has a long history in developing solutions to the supply chain industry. Under his leadership he has provided cost saving services to the technology sector and several gas and oil companies. IBM, ORACLE, Shell Oil, Bechtel and Fluor are among some of the clients that have benefited from working with Mr. White.

Mr. White also believes in helping the community, and has devoted his time to multiple education foundations as well as serving on local and state boards in Texas. He has served on a Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts committee to promote business development with minority, women, and veteran owned businesses. Promoting and helping develop the economy of Texas is one of his most enjoyable and major goals.


MRSW Food Services is an entity of its MRSW Management, LLC. Our objective of business is to work with food service management companies and end users to provide product purchase order fulfillment from order to delivery and account management in the Texas market.

Grandma Maud’s products recently added MRSW Food Services to represent their product line in the Texas and surrounding market areas. Grandma Maud’s is a leading provider of both healthy and traditional food products to the educational and retail markets in the Mid-West, primarily northern Illinois.

MWSW Food Services is currently in the process of adding additional high quality food product manufactures to expand our offerings and meet our clients request.

We look forward to serving you.